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Native Elements and Minerals List

Native elements are chemical elements that occur in nature in an uncombined or pure form. Although most elements are found only in compounds, a rare few are native. For the most part, native elements also form chemical bonds and occur in compounds. Here is a list of these elements: Native Elements That Are Metals Ancient man was familiar with several pure elements, mainly metals. Several of the noble metals, such as gold and platinum, exist free in nature. The gold group and platinum group, for example, are all elements that exist in the native state. The rare earth metals are among elements that do not exist in native form. Aluminum - AlBismuth -Â  BiCadmium - CdChromium - CrCopper - CuGold - AuIndium - InIron - FeIridium - IrLead - PbMercury - HgNickel - NiOsmium - OsPalladium - PdPlatinum - PtRhenium - ReRhodium - RhSilver - AgTantalum - TaTin - SnTitanium - TiVanadium - VZinc - Zn Native Elements That Are Metalloids or Semimetals Antimony - SbArsenic - AsSilicon - SiTellurium - Te Native Elements That Are Nonmetals Note gases are not listed here, even though they may exist in pure form. This is because gases are not considered minerals and also because they freely mix with other gases, so you are unlikely to encounter a pure sample. However, the noble gases do not readily combine with other elements, so you might consider them native in that respect. The noble gases include helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, and radon. Similarly, diatomic gases, such as hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen are not considered native elements. Carbon - CSelenium - SeSulfur - S Native Alloys In addition to elements that occur in the native state, there are a few alloys also found free in nature: BrassBronzeElectrumGerman SilverGold-Mercury AmalgamPewterSilver-Mercury AmalgamWhite Gold The native alloys and other native metals were mankinds only access to metals prior to the development of smelting, which is believed to have begun around 6500 BC. Even though metals were known before this, they typically occurred in very small quantities, so they were not available to most people. Sources Fleischer, Michael; Cabri, Louis J.; Chao, George Y.; Pabst, Adolf (1980). New Mineral Names. American Mineralogist. 65: 1065–1070.Mills, S.J.; Hatert, F.; Nickel, E.H.; Ferraris, G. (2009). The standardisation of mineral group hierarchies: application to recent nomenclature proposals. Eur. J. Mineral. 21: 1073–1080. doi:10.1127/0935-1221/2009/0021-1994

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Who are the Real Parents Essay - 1592 Words

Who are the Real Parents? Are parents those who give birth to a child or those who care for a child? Does nature or nurture make a woman a mother? As more and more heartbreaking tugs-of-war between biological and adoptive parents surface, anyone searching for a baby has good reason for concern (Casey 119). Baby Jessica was raised from infancy by adoptive parents, Jan and Roberta DeBoer. For two and a half years Jessica was at the heart of one of the most bitter custody battles in America, caught between the parents in Michigan who reared her and the parents in Iowa who gave birth to her and wanted her back (Ingrassia and Springen 60). Cara and Dan Schmidt took screaming baby Jessica from her home in 1993 when they won their†¦show more content†¦When Rachael was only two months old Wendy and Tom learned of Mary Beth Hazler and Robert Grimes, Rachael’s biological parents. Mary Beth was seventeen years old and had broken up with her boyfriend, Grimes, when she was three months pregnant. Grimes had more than twenty arrests as a juvenile and had once faced charges of assaulting a police officer. After the Yacks had cared for Rachael for over two months they were informed that Mary Beth and Grimes had reconciled and decided they wanted their child back. Less than four months later, Wendy and Tom were served with papers ordering them to return Rachael to her biological parents. They were filed just twenty days before the end of a six month waiting period required by Pennsylvania law before an adoption becomes final (Yack 98). In June of 1981, Rachael was placed in foster care before the court reached it’s decision. At that time the judge had concluded that the Yacks had no rights to Rachael, but he was still deliberating whether Mary Beth and Grimes were fit parents. Four weeks later, the judge ordered Rachel to return to the Yacks pending a final decision. The Yacks were overjoyed but the child who came back to their home wasn’t the same little girl. She stared at the walls. It was as if she knew. On July 10, 1981, sixteen month old Rachael was taken from her home by Mary Beth andShow MoreRelatedCompare and Contrast Essay861 Words   |  4 PagesThose Who Dont, by Sandra Cisneros, the poem My Parents Kept Me from Children Who Were Rough, by Stephen Spender, and another poem We Real Cool, by Gwendolyn Brooks share many similarities and differences. These three pieces of literature talk about racism and rough children. Those Who Dont is about racism and how people think about others without getting to know them. My Parents Kept Me from Children Who Were Rough explains how a good child wants to be like other children who are badRead MoreIs Oedipus Innocent Essay732 Words   |  3 Pagesmarry his mother and kill his father. Oedipus is innocent of these crimes because he does not know the truth about his real parents, and because h e tries hard to avoid the prophecy. Oedipus is innocent because he did not know the truth about his real parents. He thinks that his parents are Polybus and Merope, which in fact had adopted him when he was an infant, while his real parents are King Laius and Queen Jocasta of Thebes (Sophocles 746-7). After King Laius and Queen Jocasta have Oedipus, theyRead MoreThe Legend Of Santa Claus1098 Words   |  5 PagesThe legend of Santa Claus known as Kris Kringle, also known as Old Saint Nick, can be traced back hundreds of years to a monk named St. Nicholas. At a young age he lost his parents inheriting a large amount of money. He had a reputation for helping the poor and giving secret gifts to people in need. Eventually a tradition developed that he would supposedly visit homes on Christmas Eve and children would place treats around the house to welcome him. As time went by, more and more was added to theRead MoreReading Is A Dynamic Goal Of Education1525 Words   |  7 Pagesa lot of reading series that improves chil dren’s reading proficiency, however, the Real Kids Readers are the greatest language arts curriculum based book series for preK-3rd grades that practices a significant phonics centered study. Phonics is defined as a technique of teaching individual to read by connecting sounds (phoneme) with letters (grapheme) or a group of letters in an alphabetic writing system, thus Real Kids Readers book series provides the phonics instruction approaches in an effectiveRead MoreAmerican Family Adopted By Deann Borshay Liem924 Words   |  4 Pagesfamily was nearly erased; until, she recurred her past, and decided to investigate it. After long times, she discovered that her Korean mother was still alive. She thought that it is so hard to tell adoptive mother about a real mother. It was so hard for her to talk American parents about Korean family because she felt like she was being disloyal to them and she also said: â€Å"I didn’t know how to talk to my mother about my mother.† (Borshay, 2000). She also said â€Å"because she was my mother. I feel uncomfortableRead MoreProtecting Children from Television Violence Essays1405 Words   |  6 Pagesbrainwashed into committing violent real-world crimes because of violent and pugnacious behavior exposed in mass media. In his article â€Å"No Real Evidence for TV Violence Causing Real Violence†, Jonathan Freedman, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto and author of â€Å"Media Violence and Its Effect on Aggression: Assessing the Scientific Evidence†, discusses how television violence, claimed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), does not cause real-world aggression among adolescentsRead MoreCause And Effect Of Single Parent Households1154 Words   |  5 P agesEspecially in today’s society, it’s disturbingly common for a child to have to grow up in a single parent household, letting the consequences of this scenario internally destroy the child like a virus. The effects are usually the same, but the frequency of the effects shouldn’t deter the severity. Another misconstrued ideal about single parent households, is whether or not the â€Å"statistics† and the â€Å"studies† taken on these families is enough to summarize the general population. They aren’t. The sameRead MoreEssay on Should Homosexual Couples Be Allowed to Adopt Children?702 Words   |  3 Pageskind of issue because some may think, for instance, that child who is raised by gay parents will turn out gay, and so on. However, people forget about childrens happiness although they believe that children will be happier with straight and normal people. Who said so? Why do people decide for a kid? Also, how are straight couples are normal and gay couples are not? Some people believe that children of gay parents will eventually turn out to be homosexual as well. But no oneRead MoreParents Have Different Styles Of Parenting1401 Words   |  6 Pagesparenting in America can be defined many ways. Considering that the youth of today’s generation will be the ones to who will take over the world, we need to make sure that the parents are giving them some sort of real life expectations of the world they live in. Many parents have different styles of parenting. The two most popular styles are the free-range approach and the helicopter parents. People have tried to figure out which method has the best outcome for the child. These different methods of parentingRead MoreCyber Bullying And Its Effects On Children866 Words   |  4 Pagesanother media outlet that is abundant with violent content. Studies show that 90% of American teenagers use the Internet which is vastly unregulated (Lenhart). Thus, children have easy access to pornography, websites with cruel and racist content, and real-life scenes of violence. With pornography and profanity just being a Google-search away, free, and mostly without age restrictions, children tend to develop sexual curiosity at a very young age. According to Network World Inc., terms related to â€Å"sex

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Child Development Stages Free Essays

Unit 201 Child and young person development Outcome 3: Understand the potential effects of transitions on children and young people 3. 1 Identify the transitions experienced by most children and young people 3. 3 Describe with examples how transitions may affect children and young people’s behaviour and development Under each heading, explain how each aspect may impact on a child’s behaviour development, giving examples. We will write a custom essay sample on Child Development Stages or any similar topic only for you Order Now  ·Puberty: Growth spurts, early bloomers, late bloomers, jealousy from late bloomers, personal odour, self conscious of body changing. Males, become taller and stronger, body changes , body odour may develop and he may need to start using deodorant. They become moody at times and parents need to try and understand this to help there adolescent cope with changes. The most important factors in the adolescence through puberty is peers, family and school. Any disturbance in these 3 factors can be a heavy burden on this growing child. This could lead to depression, drugs, criminal acts and more.  ·Starting school- From pre – school to primary (Reception class). Child could feel nervous and feeling insecure. May start primary with no friends from pre-school. New faces, new friendships. Learning to dress themselves for P. E, more independence needed. How may this affect the child’s behaviour and development? Starting school -( cont from above) If child J slips through the cracks, is not offered reassurance by his teacher or by parents, he will continue to feel left out. He will then become withdrawn and isolate himself from everyone and everything. He will fall back in class and because he has isolated himself from peers, he might start to feel that he is on his own. He will then start to enjoy his own company. He will not have any social skills and will not move beyond this point. If child J starts school and this kind of behaviour is picked up early he is offered reassurance from his parents, teacher and all that are a positive role in his life things could be very different. The more positive the parents are, the more the child will be. He will thrive in school and be able to communicate well with the teacher and peers.  ·Moving class or school – Moving from reception class to year one. Children start to follow the national curriculum and are often taught more formally. It can effect a child who is used to learning through play, suddenly they have to work in a formal way for longer periods. More learning , less free time. Change of teacher, teaching assistant ( have a supply teacher). Affects learning, self esteem, not wanting to go to school. Eg. ) We moved to England when my son was 4 years old. On arrival he attended primary school A, he did reception class and year one at this school. By the time he got to year 2, I felt the teacher was very laid back and I was not happy with her method of teaching. I then moved him out of school A in the middle of year 2 and moved him to school B. It was a different area. He had to then start all over again, new school, start to make a whole new circle of friends. In school B this is where the bullying started. He kept it very quiet and it was not till I was approached by one of the mothers at the school, she informed me that my son was being bullied. I thought I was doing the best for my son by moving him into a new school because all I wanted was for him to thrive. Moving school was not a good choice, instead of thriving, he was unhappy, it affected his self esteem and he became withdrawn. I should have considered my sons happiness. This is better Kamilla, you have used a good example.  ·Starting Secondary School – There are differences in the curriculum and the way subjects are taught. Some children may find that there close friends have transferred into different schools, so they must develop new friendships. Although transitions can be difficult, moving on can also be a positive and exciting experience eg) Biggest to smallest, timetables, many schools feed friendships, change of classes, change of subjects, start to carry bags, finding there way around the school. Eg. ) The quiet shy male /female student may fall into the clutches of the group of peers. To avoid being bullied or to try and fit in with the â€Å" In kids† he/ she will go to the ends of the earth to avoid being made fun of. In some schools there is initiation. Some children lose their confidence right at the start of secondary school. . 2 Identify transitions that only some children and young people may experience e. g bereavement 3. 3 Describe with examples how transitions may affect children and young people’s behaviour and development Under each heading, explain how each aspect may impact on a child’s behaviour development, giving examples.  ·Bereavement – Following a death of a parent or someone close to a child can be traumatic. If child was living with one parent this may mean a change in carer and perhaps a move into residential or foster care. Loss of parent is devastating . Keep an eye on change of behaviour . Grief goes through several changes Eg) Anger, denial, withdrawn and crying all the time. It may affect memory, concentration and learning. This challenge lasts for months and can last for two or more years. It can affect children in different ways. Eg. ) There are children who continue to do well in school following the death of a loved one. These children go unnoticed. They my use the tasks of school work or sports to block out painful feelings or thoughts, or they may feel a need to excel because of a feeling that the parent is watching them and will want to show the deceased parent how much they care in this way. This type of response to loss can result in stress – related health problems later on in life, as well as potential physical and emotional difficulties from unresolved grief. How to Help Maintain routines in school Be realistic about expectations for academic achievement Allow make-up opportunities Remember that some children continue to have academic difficulties up to 2 years following a death, and sometimes beyond Make exceptions for sports participation†¦ sports can help with the healing process Refer to the school counselor Communicate with the parents Respect the child’s need to grieve Avoid telling the child to â€Å"Move on† or â€Å"Get over it†. Create an emotionally safe classroom Learn about children’s grief Recognize that intense grief can come at developmental stages, years after a death occurs Be patient Affirm the person, regardless of academic performance  ·new baby – The older children experience change, Younger children often find changes tin family life because of the new arrival, particularly difficult to cope with. Eg) My son was was an only child till he was 10years old. We always did everything thing together, I over smothered him and therefore he was not an independent child. Once his sister was born, he became mature over night and became more independent. I feel this was a positive change in his life. His little sister looks up to him. Think also about a child that feels left out, how may that affect their behaviour and development The first child may experience a range of emotions, from excitement to jealousy or even resentment. Younger toddlers are unable to verbalize their feelings, and their behaviours may regress after the new child is born. They might suck their thumb or drink a bottle, forget their recent potty training skills and communicate baby talk in an effort to get your attention. Older toddlers and kids might express their feelings by testing your patience, misbehaving, throwing tantrums, or refusing to eat. These problems are usually short lived and a little preparation can help and older child adjust to the idea of welcoming a new sibling.  ·moving house – A family may move house either into a poorer environment where there may be high incidences of crime or into a better area where they are more open spaces. A child that moves into a new area will leave behind friends and extended families. How will this affect their behaviour and development A new house, new environment, new area can affect a child in many different ways. A new surrounding depending, can affect a child by making them feel unsettled. Unfamiliar faces, unfamiliar scents, unfamiliar bedrooms can set a child back. The breakdown of connections with peers, discontinuation of group activities, distress and worries related to a new environment are potentially psychologically distressing events for young children. Frequent exposure to these events can be stressful and confusing and may affect their psychosocial wellbeing, thus increasing their intention toward ending their life if they are unable to cope.  ·parent divorce separation – Both familiar routines and lifestyles will change. Children will become more independent when there is only one parent. Sometimes they think it is there fault. Some children become withdrawn from everyone. Some children rebel, school work may suffer. Do you have any examples Eg) Child Z was 13years old when his parents got separated. His body was going through major changes hormonally. Once his parents separated he became a different child. He automatically became the man of the house. He rebelled against his mother, had no respect, came home when he pleased, his school work suffered. He disrespected everyone around and was very easily influenced. He got into trouble with the law due to peer pressure. When you put all this kind of behaviour, this child was seeking attention. His grandparents intervened, sat him down and had a one to one with him. He informed them that he felt that his parents had split up because of him, he felt that he couldn’t bare to see his mum in tears all the time. He also mentioned that there was no stability in the house and it was very unsettling for him, hence his behaviour.  ·Fostered/ looked after children – If fostered because parents can’t cope eg) because of drug abuse, alcohol abuse. Foster children are normally placed miles away from where they grew up. Issues of distance. Foster kids are normally moved around due to behaviour or reasons out of their control. Some children experience feelings being unsettled. Some children are already damaged before they are even fostered eg) Due to unsettled background. They make take several behaviours with them, insecure , difficult to make friends – lack of trust. Good Well done Kamilla. You have expanded your answers, but occasionally didn’t really say what affect the transition had on behaviour and development. I will chat to you about this on Tuesday morning. See you then Could you leave the comments on your answers please – it shows I am doing my job. Thank you. E assessed 16th October, 2011 How to cite Child Development Stages, Papers

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Tanzania and the local communities

Even though the modern world has many advances and developments, there are still places that require help in social and personal lives of people. One of such places is Tanzania and the local communities. Implementation of social order has seen some positive results, but the vicious cycle of negativity still continues.Advertising We will write a custom critical writing sample on Tanzania and the local communities specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The community that is shown does not have the necessary tools, both moral and physical, to enhance their interaction with the environment. Everything begins with the social make-up and lack of knowledge in survival and family matters. Because families have a lot of children, they must increase their resources and provide for a greater amount of people. As such, they are forced to cut down more wood in order to prepare more food. Also, the abuse of the sea is shown through over fishing. Peop le use dynamite and poison to catch as much fish as possible, as the local population is on a constant grow (Healthy People Healthy Environment). Slowly, the nature is getting deprived of its resources and does not have time to restore itself. As mentioned in the â€Å"Vicious Circles†, these sorts of conditions are evident in many parts of the world. The poorer countries do not have a strong infrastructure, thus they have to rely on agriculture to support their communities. As a result, droughts become predominant in a location (Vicious Circles). Unfortunately, it is a process that leads to more problems. Even if a small area of the forest or other plantation is made unusable, it will spread to the nearby areas. The circle continues when people begin suffering from health problems (Vicious Circles). Children require proper nutrition and because parents are unable to adequately cook the food or simply provide enough, children’s organisms become weakened and susceptible to illness. The close interdependence between economic factors, environment, the use of resources and social set-up, are all parts of the system that drag each other down. Even the makeup of social values and norms was very weakened by the abuse and absence of development. The fact that women had no rights and could not own a business brought about unnecessary hardships. They were deprived of an opportunity to find any other way to support and contribute to the family matters (Healthy People Healthy Environment).Advertising Looking for critical writing on environmental studies? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More One of the innovations that were brought about to the home scene was the use of a more efficient stove. Previously, more wood had to be chopped and used to start the fire. Also the smoke was being inhaled in great quantities. With the new stove, the amount of used wood was cut down more than in half, and the amount of sm oke was minimal. This led to bettering families’ health and providing more food. As it now took less time to cook, the people could organize other parts of their community (Healthy People Healthy Environment). The education provided for an effective managing of medication and contraception; it taught people to plan ahead. The mere fact that they were participating in communal meeting and had a chance to voice their opinions and listen to others, created a unity that was much needed. People got a chance to learn from each other and this is evident from their testimony. The social programs and volunteers who took part in the changes added optimism and hope. Even though there are advantages and the life of the people is getting better, they are still limited by the country’s resources and political make-up. It took many years for a certain regime to get set up and become supported by those in power. Unsafe water quality and food that had little nutritious value had affect ed the genetic information of the population. This led to the organism being predisposed to certain weaknesses. An article titled â€Å"Global challenges in water, sanitation and health† provides an example of the amount of water that was in the past and what is happening as of right now. Water is key to survival and in the dry areas of the planet, they are increasing in size. From the diagram it is possible to see that Tanzania is one of the affected areas, so the problem will not go away easily, perpetuating the cycle. Another problem is that irrigation and the reuse of water requires technology. In order for the technology to evolve or at least be transported to hard to reach areas, financial resources are needed (Moe Rheingans, 2006). All the current efforts are going towards people and communities that are experiencing most immediate threat. This is where money is needed most, so it would be difficult to plan years ahead and implement new techniques and technology.Adver tising We will write a custom critical writing sample on Tanzania and the local communities specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More A moral part of the problem is that people are realizing that things are not changing fast enough. Even though they are trying, there are many factors at play that slow the process down. Many things that are absolutely out of their reach are environmental changes and distribution of world resources. With the increased use of fuels and inability to find a resource that would be cheap and accessible to all, remote places have no choice but to drag behind. An interesting point is brought up in an article by Michael Ross titled â€Å"The Natural Resource Curse: How Wealth Can Make You Poor†. Africa is sited as one of the major countries where the natural resources have been taken advantage of to the benefit of those with wealth and power. Precious metals and drug trafficking add to the problem, and the n eeded finances are pocketed by the grim side of the nation. Also, since the continent is so vast and decontrolled by a central system, African states have a problem organizing a unified action (Ross, n.d.). Currently, there are technologies that have already proven to be important in clean energy production. Electric power and other energy sources have shown great potential. Nuclear energy may be much more beneficial to people and environment but it must be used with great care. All these problems make innovation slow and unattainable. References Healthy People Healthy Environment. Web. Moe, C. Rheingans, R. (2006). Global challenges in water, sanitation and health. Journal of Water and Health. Web. Ross, M. The Natural Resource Curse: How Wealth Can Make You Poor. Web.Advertising Looking for critical writing on environmental studies? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Vicious Cirle. Web. This critical writing on Tanzania and the local communities was written and submitted by user Punisher to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Snakes essays

Snakes essays Some people are drawn to snakes, others are terrified. Throughout history, snakes have been portrayed as both good and evil. Some of this facination comes from the fact that they have no legs, any yet can get around quite easily. For whatever reason, sankes are the subject of countless rumors and stories, most of which are fictional. Many people believe that all snakes are dangerous, slimy creatures. This is far from the truth. Unfortunately, the stories about the hiker who scared away a shy corn snake don't make headlines, but the stories of anacondas eating children sell papers. In fact, snakes are clean, dry, silky skinned animals that are for the most part not dangerous to humans. Of course, there are a number of poisinous snakes but they are encountered far less often than rumors and stories would lead you to believe. As far as pets go, there are certain types of snakes that make fine companions. A snake is not an animal to purchase lightly. Yes, there are those who buy them only to watch them eat, and to show of to friends, they are the ones that stories are usually about. They are the unimformed, inexperienced handlers. A snake needs special consideration as a pet, however. People tend to purchase snakes without doing any research. Snakes require being held often to keep them tame. They do get sick, and need to see a vet just like any other pet. Snakes do reuqire alot of time and care as all pets do. The problem does not fall completely on the buyer. Sellers sometimes are unaware of how to properly handle and care for the snake; therefore, offering little help in selecting a good pet. Time and time again, I have encountered snakes that are needlessly injured by uninformed handlers. They are burnt by heat rocks or lamps, their food attacking them and the wound not cared for, eye caps that were never removed, or ticks in between their scales. These are all things that can be prevented just by doing ...

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A Guide to Chinese Citizenship

A Guide to Chinese Citizenship The ins and outs of Chinese citizenship are outlined in China’s Nationality Law, which was adopted by the National People’s Congress on September 10, 1980. The law includes 18 articles that broadly explain China’s citizenship policies. Here is a quick breakdown of these articles. General Facts According to Article 2, China is a unitary multinational state. This means that all nationalities, or ethnic minorities, that exist within China have Chinese citizenship.   China does not allow dual citizenship, as stated in Article 3. Who Qualifies For Chinese Citizenship? Article 4 states that a person born in China to at least one parent who is a Chinese national is a Chinese citizen.   On a similar note, Article 5 says that a person born outside of China to at least one parent who is a Chinese national is a Chinese citizen- unless one parent has settled outside of China and has acquired foreign nationality status.   According to Article 6, a person born in China to stateless parents or parents of uncertain nationality who have settled in China will have Chinese citizenship. (Article 6) Renouncing Chinese Citizenship A Chinese national who voluntarily becomes a foreign national in another country will lose Chinese citizenship, as mentioned in Article 9. Additionally, Article 10 states that Chinese nationals can renounce their Chinese citizenship through an application process provided they have settled abroad, have close relatives that are foreign nationals, or have other legitimate reasons.   However, state officials and active military personnel cannot renounce their Chinese nationality according to Article 12. Restoring Chinese Citizenship Article 13 states that those who once held Chinese nationality but are currently foreign nationals can apply to restore Chinese citizenship and renounce their foreign citizenship if there are legitimate reasons.   Can Foreigners Become Chinese Citizens? Article 7 of the Nationality Law states that foreigners who will abide by the Chinese Constitution and laws can apply to be naturalized as Chinese citizens if they meet one of the following conditions: they have close relatives who are Chinese nationals, they have settled in China, or if they have other legitimate reasons. In China, local Public Security Bureaus will accept applications for citizenship. If applicants are abroad, citizenship applications are handled at Chinese embassies and consular offices. After they are submitted, the Ministry of Public Security will examine and approve or dismiss applications. If approved, it will issue a certificate of citizenship. There are other more specific rules for the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions.

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Information, Information Technology and Information Systems Essay

Information, Information Technology and Information Systems - Essay Example This is true with Integrated Report System Company who’s specialty includes conceptualizing programs that assists sales oriented industries become a market leader. These programs work well with firms that requires vast resources of information to be broken down, analyzed, compare and plotted, useful in establish a strong foundation of judgments. This web based business intelligence software provides a concrete and accurate data collection and analysis that helps small and medium scale industries anticipate/plan their move and realize strategies that could allow them to achieve their goal for their product. The business activities and functions this software supports is basically sales related, a sales interactive reporting designed to fit the needs of Sales reps and mangers, CEOs and CFOs, product or account managers, whereby necessary market information and trend are made available through data collection and banking together with other programs that monitors the movement and turnover of their product. This system also allows the abovementioned individuals a critical view of the business that necessitates well calculated anticipation and aggressive moves. Interactive Reporting system provides state of the art tools for integrated interactive reporting such that makes use of templates which encapsulates pertinent records of transaction history and other raw data that can be inquired upon, and a mapping technology that connects the user to their data source. These tools are set to be modularized and separated from a specific installation which therefore "permits the re-use of logic, the provisioning of the BI integration process by domain experts and the significant reductions in the cost and time required for an enterprise's acquisition of BI capabilities". More specifically, these tools are "highly scalable; flexible in design; easily integrated into any data source; have a unified view with drill-down capability and an 'Out-Of-The-Box Solution' that runs on top of any system leveraging existing IT investments. This software supports Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, Informix, MySQL and IBM DB2. It is a web based intranet product that uses data extracted from your data warehouse. It also provides a standardized templates and mappings so you don't need to design sales reports or spreadsheets from scratch. With Integrated Reporting highly critical information pertaining to sales function are easily accessible and comprehended in terms of what products being sold, areas of distribution, means and method of positioning, and most importantly its corresponding figures. With this in hand, reporting and analysis is made easy, while concrete and immediate solutions are readily perceived. This software assumes that there is a preexisting operating system installed as well as a network, as it simply brings you into using existing software in any activity you wish to engage upon, whether creating spreadsheets or report templates. It cam also be patched to the existing accounting system whereby i t allows you to synchronize previous information to present and integrate, differentiate or update them. This software is designed to make things simpler and faster and therefore hassle free. This software is also created upon the assumption that there is basic knowledge in various computer applications, otherwise an orientation is required. In a business that